Fun fact: This was the first use of the word “googled” on television.

so i dropped my brother home and i told him to leave my sushi in the car because i was going to go to my store and eat it there while i wait for my mom. so when i got there and i couldn’t find the sushi i was like whatever he’ll put in the fridge, but when i came home i was like where’s my sushi and he was like i ate it AND I WAS LIKE WHY DID YOU EAT MY SUSHI AND HE WAS LIKE YOU SAID TO EAT IT AND I WAS LIKE WHY WOULD I GIVE YOU MY SUSHI WHEN I ALREADY BOUGHT YOU A SEVEN DOLLAR BENTO I JUST

I am an Avenger.

omfg your icon is so cute!

thank u!!


Black Widow 007

remember when i didn’t like taylor haha oh, young me, you silly girl

Taylor Swift  Welcome To New York

The Book of Life (2014)


wowowow i keep thinking about moana and how great it’s going to be